be present, a beautiful mantra and beautiful yoga pants

I can not get enough of the be present yoga pants.  Most specifically, their mobility pant (with the side slit).  After so many years of wearing black lyrca (which I still do appreciate, especially you, lululemon), these are such a refreshing change!











And I love that the colors for the line are inspired by the seven chakras.  Each chakras symbolizes energy centers in the body and is associated with a color and symbol.



Need more grounding? Wear red.  Red is root chakra, attributed to stability and inner strength.

Want to feel sexy? Wear orange.  Orange is sacral chakra, associated with being sensual.

Big day ahead of you? Yellow is solar plexus chakra, associated with energy and increased confidence.

Need a hug? Green is heart chakra, associated with compassion and unconditional love.

Feeling shy? Blue is throat chakra, associated with increased communication and creativity.

Want to be psychic? Indigo is third eye chakra, associated with the unconscious self.

Need wisdom? Purple is crown chakra, associated with wisdom and the spiritual world.

Whatever color you want, you can find it here: Be Present


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