the way of yoga

And this is the way of yoga. It’s not just one practice, one experience, or one insight that fills you with understanding or leads to transformation, but the combination of all your experiences over the years.

– Ruth Lauer-Manenti


This quote comes from an article in this month’s Yoga Journal.  It feels particularly relevant to me today, after having experienced one of the most beautiful yoga moments.  As part of this weekend’s SF Yoga Journal Conference, I attended a community yoga class sponsored by Zobha,  a yoga clothing company with a mission to inspire and foster the grace that lives within each human heart.  Invited to the class, taught by Wendy Wyvill, were young students who participate in the local Headstand organization – an amazing non-profit that has introduced yoga as part of the curriculum in economically disadvantaged schools and communities.


Before we began the practice, a couple of the students shared their stories with us all.  With grace and tears in their eyes, these 2 young girls explained how yoga has changed their lives.  Yoga has helped them to deal with stress, anger, physical challenges, chaos and so much more.  And even better, yoga has helped them to find peace within as the rest of the world spins madly on.  And with so much wisdom, they explained how they practice yoga on and off the mat – with their breath.  Their words could not have been more perfect.


And this is the way of yoga.  Hearing these beautiful young girls’ stories, practicing with them and so many other inspiring yogis, became another yoga experience on my journey.  Thank you Zobha and Headstand and thank you Tracey and Brianna, I am forever grateful.


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