every movement, every moment

This is the Zobha mantra – every movement, every moment.  If you aren’t familiar with Zobha, it’s a yoga apparel company that launched in 2008 with a mission to inspire and foster the grace that lives within each human heart.  Well, ever since I brought home my first pair of Zobha yoga leggings, I’ve been singing this same mantra – every movement, every moment – because I want to be wearing this perfect pair of stretchies all the time!


So, hoping to add to my 1 piece collection, I am participating in the Zobha yoga package giveaway.  To win would be incredible, a reminder to be thankful for all of the peace and joy that I have found in my life through yoga.  Not to mention, I am a new yoga teacher, living and breathing yoga every minute that I can . . .always in need of new yoga clothes.  And in the spirit of karma and paying it forward, I will plan to offer up one item that I win as a giveaway on my blog if I am the lucky winner!


Here’s my wishlist:


1. The Greta Tank, because I love the simplicity and lines of this perfect cami.



2. Straight Leg Capri, because I can’t get enough of the original pair of Zobha leggings that I purchased last year.



3. Asymmetrical Ruched Pullover, because this color is so beautiful and ruching gets me every time.



4. Essential Mat Carrier, because i love the splash of pink on the inside.



5. Eye Pillow, because this might be the only thing that can make savasana better than it already is.



So keep your fingers crossed for me and send me good energy and thoughts!  And if you want to learn how to enter the giveaway for your chance to win, visit the Zobha blog.



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