february love

I was reminded at a yoga class tonight that we are about to see hearts and symbols of love in every store front and all around for the next few weeks as we gear up for Valentine’s day.  And as some one who strives to practice and celebrate every day expressions of love, I can’t help but feel that Valentine’s day is a little silly and forced. But feeling inspired tonight, I’d like to invite a new perspective this February.  Heart-shaped boxes of chocolates and red roses may not be for me, but love is. And the world needs more love.  We all need more love.  So forget about the Hallmark cards and teddy bears, we don’t need these things to celebrate and spread love. We just need each other.  Here’s a little inspiration. . . Happy February – free hugs for all!


(Click here to watch on youtube if the embedded video is tricky)



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  1. This is the original guy:

    It always makes me cry. I love it especially when that little old lady hugs him and then all turns into color. LOVE!

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