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words of wisdom

Ranger and I often hike up to this hidden gem in our great back yard on Mt. Tamalpais and I finally have some pictures to share!  Known as Sitting Bull Plaque, these beautiful words are found on a boulder that rests in a rare and small clearing on a steep, narrow and heavily vegetated trail.  It is one of the most peaceful hideaways I’ve found on the mountain and Sitting Bull’s words always evoke great emotion and reflection within my own soul.  What a beautiful reminder to treat each other and our mother earth with love and kindness, to possess less and to give more, and to remember just how fortunate we are to live on this land.

And the view is just perfect!  Have a beautiful and thoughtful week ahead.


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friday love

I couldn’t be more ready for this 3 day weekend!  And I’m even more ready to kick off Summer!  It’s time for sunshine and cool breezes, beach days and bbqs!  Have a Happy Memorial Day weekend loves!  XO

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What I love about yoga is that it permeates all of life. It teaches awareness and connection – it’s about developing relationships, both internally and externally. So it’s really a practice that serves our own inner well-being as well as the quality of relationships we cultivate with our family, our friends, and anyone we meet.

~Shiva Rea

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lunch time yoga

It can be really hard to break away from my work during the day but I am SO happy that I did today.  I was invited to join lunch time yoga, hosted by, only a couple of blocks from my office in SF and it was just lovely.  And let me just say, a little downward dogging in the middle of the day goes a long way.  I’m just so happy to hear of more and more companies offering yoga on site throughout the day – and it was so exciting to be a part of it today! Thank you!

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What makes all of us the same is that we ALL want to be happy.

~Dalai Lama

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close your eyes. . .

. . . and let your beautiful mind take you here, to this perfect place.

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yoga mudra

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