it is in all of us

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What perfect words to kick off this week.  I’ve just returned from a blissful 12 days back on the east coast visiting my very best friends and my beautiful family.  The time away was just lovely but I do feel so happy to be home and to be on the brink of big change, chance and adventure.  In just less than 2 weeks, I’ll be officially closing what has been a major chapter in my life (my successful stint in the advertising world) to begin the next.  There’s no telling exactly what will come next, but there’s one thing for certain – I feel brave and ready to defy expectations, ready to fill my days with yoga, ready to teach and ready to embrace whatever challenges come my way.  After all, it’s by taking the greatest risks that we achieve our greatest victories.  So I think it’s time to find one of these victories.  More to come my sweet friends and family!  xx



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