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friday love

Happy Friday loves!  My plan this weekend – to escape (well, let’s face it, I’ve been escaping as much as I can all week long…hence the very little blog activity!).  But I’m ready to just feel completely spontaneous and free!  I want to getaway without going anywhere at all.  I just want to breathe in fresh air and enjoy every moment. And it’s looking like sunshine every day! Enjoy!

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ancient wisdom

The ancient wisdom of yoga teaches that Life is already given to you, you are completely loved, you are here now. It teaches that we are not separate, cannot be separate from nature, which sustains us in a vast interdependence with everything. The universe comes perfectly, and is awesome in its integration and infinite existence. This union is our natural state, this union is Yoga.

~Mark Whitwell

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earth beauty

The Mountain from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo.

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earth love

Happy Earth Day!  Thank you beautiful earth for all that you do for us.  Along time ago, William Shakespeare wrote, “The earth has music for those who listen.”  Today, and always, listen.

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sunrise backbends

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It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes Happiness.

~Charles Haddon Spurgeon

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picnic for the planet

Earth day is this Friday so for anyone out there who doesn’t already honor our beautiful earth, this is the week to do so!  I’ve just stumbled across the Nature Conservatory’s Picnic for the Planet campaign and I love it.  The concept is pretty simple – let’s celebrate the planet we live on, the food it provides and the people we share it with.  Every day the planet does a lot for us so the least we can do is take our planet out to lunch!

So on and around Earth Day 2011 (April 22), people all around the world are encouraged to step outside and congregate at their favorite outdoor spot to enjoy good food and good people.  You can join a picnic that has already been planned or  you can grab some friends and plan your own.  It’s easy to do using the campaign website.  There’s even recipes from chefs from around the world who want to help make your picnic more memorable. I hope you’ll consider joining in on the fun!

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